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Naglaa's World Limited

Naglaa’s World provides a wide range of interpreting and translation services with a personal touch. Focusing on the Arabic- and Amharic-speaking communities in London, the business fills the gap for affordable services for these speakers who also require a kind and personable person to make them feel understood and comfortable. Understanding documents, forms, and communications is necessary for newcomers to feel at ease in London, and Naglaa’s World helps them to do just that.

Our Services

Professional English and Arabic interpreting with 25 years of experience across businesses and public service

Our Services


Interpreting consecutive or simultaneous across industries, such as hospitals, healthcare, legal, law and social services 


Translating Arabic to English and English to Arabic - highly sophisticated and great attention to detail

Secretarial Services

Official correspondence, customs, tax, revenue forms, writing letters, calling departments and advocacy  

Community Workshops

Organising workshops on health & wellbeing, African History and Cultural believes - interpreted into Arabic

Editing and Proofreading

Proofing business correspondence, documents and export documentation  


Helping Arabic speaking researchers, with research structure and writing


“Naglaa’s World interpreting and
secretarial services are excellent. I am
completely reliant on Naglaa’s World
to manage my affairs. It is a dedicated
service with passion for help and
support. It is a 100% perfect business.“

Najeh Majed Munsur


Interested in more? 

Please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me. I welcome any new business, and am very approachable. You can reach me by mobile on 073-09-729-920 or by filling out the contact form below.

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